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Screen, a kind of furniture that Chinese traditional building interior USES to keep out the wind, so-called “screen its wind also”. As an important part of traditional furniture, screen has a long history. Screen general display in the prominent position of the room, play the role of separation, beautification, wind, coordination. It reflects each other with classic furniture, bring out the best in each other, become integral whole of Chinese style household adornment, and present the beauty of a kind of harmony, halcyon.

Put in indoor the appliance that USES wind shield or cut off line of sight, some is single fan, some is much fan is connected, can fold.

Note: From the text of the word “screen” changes from.

Screens appeared in the Zhou Dynasty about three thousand years ago as special instruments of the Emperor, as symbols of title and power. After constant evolution, the screen as wind, partition, hiding the use, and play to adorn the environment and beautify the effect of the space, so enduring handed down today, and derived a variety of forms of expression. Nowadays screen basically divides the form such as screen of cover screen, seat screen, hang screen, desk screen, among them large screen can show the imposing manner that gives that kind of nobility, it is the first selection of sitting room, hall, conference room, office. It can be freely placed and moved as needed, reflecting each other with the indoor environment. Before screen basically has the action of space of space, and emphasize screen adornment sex more one side, need to build already give “lie between and inseparable” effect, emphasize the artistic effect of its itself again. It combines practicality and appreciation in one body, not only has practical value, but also endows the screen with new aesthetic connotation. It is definitely an exquisite handicraft with Chinese traditional characteristics.

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