The Safety of wood burning fireplace

The Safety of wood burning fireplace

The wood burning fireplace is heated by natural wood,and the combustion chamber is fully enclosed,so there is not the danger of leaking gas or electric radiation.It is very healthy.

1,The fireplace is fully enclosed,the material of fire chamber is heat resisting firebricks and Vermiculite plate, so the flame can not fly to out of the fireplace.

2.Modern fireplaces, supported by high technology, are designed to meet the strict European standards. The design of the secondary cycle combustion allows the generated carbon monoxide (CO) to be fully burned, so that no carbon monoxide is emitted into the room. Moreover, the combustion is completely enclosed, and the exhaust gas generated by the combustion is discharged to the outside through the chimney.

3.When the fireplace is burning, the temperature around the fireplace is high ,especially the glass window door, which may cause harm to children. So we advice coustomer should equip with a safety fence for the fireplace. This keeps children away from the fireplace and keeps them safe. 


Post time: Aug-01-2018