Comparing Wood Stoves to Multi-Fuel Stoves


omparing Wood Stoves to Multi-Fuel Stoves
Wood stoves have several advantages when compared to multi-fuel stoves. For starters, wood stoves are cheaper than multi-fuel stoves, both in terms of buying the actual stove itself as well as heating costs. In fact, wood stoves and wood fuel are the cheapest readily available heating option on the market.

Secondly, wood stoves are the cleanest of all heating options in relation to environmental footprint, provided they are properly maintained. Lastly, wood stoves can be converted into multi-fuel stoves, but not vice versa, with a few alterations, namely the addition of a grate. Disadvantages vis-à-vis multi-fuel stoves include the necessity to be particular about the location of the wood stove. It can’t go on a wood floor and, due to ventilation requirements in light of modern day home construction techniques, may even need to be placed outdoors.

Wood stoves will also readily produce dangerous carbon monoxide if the piping is blocked.

Post time: May-14-2019