Best Woods for a Woodburning Stove

Wood is an environmentally friendly way of creating heat in a home if the correct wood is used in the woodburning stove.
Our trees produce oxygen during the day through photosynthesis and carbon dioxide at nights so by burning wood we are not affecting the balance of nature as long as the trees cut down are being replaced by new growth at the same rate
The hardwoods are much denser than softwoods such as spruce and as they grow slower the wood has less air gaps and hence less water retention. This means that the calorific value in terms of heat is much higher in the hardwoods up to 80% whereas the softwoods may only have a calorific value of up to 40%. The higher the calorific value of the wood being burnt in a woodburning stove the better as it produces higher temperatures within the woodburning stove and hence a cleaner burn and less pollution into our atmosphere.
Nowadays the best woods for your woodburning stove can be purchased and delivered to your home in reasonably sized quantities direct from a wood farm. These farms often specialise in hardwood growth, cutting and replanting at the same time. After the felling the wood is then cut into sizes of approx 300mm x 100mm and seasoned using a kiln drying process The secret is once the seasoned wood is in your premises keep it dry indoors or put it an outside log store of which there are a variety in the marketplace.

Post time: Jul-29-2020