Fireplace And Hearth

  • BST18


    EN13240:2001 EN13240/A2:2004 Nominal Heat Output 22.89kw Performance when burn wood 67.4% CO emission of combustion@13%O2 0.459% Dimensions(L x W x H) 750x520x840mm Flue out Diameter: 6″ (Flue outlet top and rear) Fuel Wood/Coal Weight 193kgs Bottom, top and rear air inlet √ Air washing system √ Schott brand high temperature resistant glass √ Forest brand high temperature resistant paint √ Fireplace is an independent or wall built indoor heating equipment. It u...
  • Antique cast iron fireplace

    Antique cast iron fireplace

    CAST IRON WOOD BURNING STOVES Model: BST11 EN13240:2001 EN13240/A2:2004Dimensions(L*W*H):468*357*794MMFlue out Diameter:5”(Flue outlet top and rear)Fuel:Wood Weight:62kgsDe-ashing systemAir inlet top,bottom and rearAir washing systemSchott brand high temperature resistant glassForest brand high temprature resistant paint Norminal Heat Output: 5kw Performance when burn wood: Co emission when burn wood: Dust emission when burn wood: Measurement: 438x324x609mm Flue out Diam...