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Cast Iron Hand Pumps

At present, most of the manual pumps adopt double plunger design, with low pressure output and high pressure output, but when the pressure pump is in high pressure output, the flow is too small and the work efficiency is low. Taking mine hand pump as an example, the specific parameters are as follows: rated pressure (high pressure) 63 MPa; rated output flow 1.5 ml / time; low pressure output pressure 5-10 MPa; low pressure theoretical flow 12 ml / time; hydraulic oil tank capacity 2 L; maximum handle force not more than 350 n, high pressure plunger diameter 10.5 mm, low pressure plunger diameter 28 mm. In the pressure range of 10-20Mpa, the handle force of manual pump is only 45-90n, which is far lower than the specified 350n, and its efficiency is less than 30% of the rated efficiency.

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  • We mainly produce and export  cast iron wood burning stoves, steel stoves, cast  iron cookware, BBQ, cast iron pumps etc.

    We can supply OEM service, we keep  secrets for the customer’s design and commercial secret strictly.(We don’t retail  products to the user directly.)

    We have mature production and service experience.Our foundry was founded in 2001, it started to produce the England style cast  iron fireplace mantel that time, because of strict quality control, our products are  good sales, for now, our foundry have two banch factories, more than 100 workers.

    We started to produce the cast iron clean burning stoves since 2009. All of our stoves meet with CE: EN13240:2001+A2:2004, our stoves tested by the Europe notified body, and some of our stoves have been approved DEFRA.

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