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EN13240:2001 EN13240/A2:2004

Nominal Heat Output 16.4kw
Performance when burn wood 77.26%
CO emission of combustion@13%O2 0.76%
Dimensions(L x W x H) 575x475x742mm
Flue out Diameter: 6″ (Flue outlet top and rear)
Fuel Wood/Coal
Weight 135kgs
Bottom, top and rear air inlet
Air washing system
Schott brand high temperature resistant glass
Forest brand high temperature resistant paint

The fireplace core plays a practical role, and the flue is used for exhaust. Mantel, according to the different material classification: marble mantel, wooden mantel, imitation marble mantel (resin), stack mantel. Fireplace core, according to different fuel classification: electric fireplace, real fire fireplace (burning carbon, burning wood), gas fireplace (natural gas). The real fire fireplace needs the support of architectural design, chimney and furnace.

The furnace can be made of cast iron fireplace core or made of firebrick. If there is no chimney, cast iron pipe can be used instead. The diameter of cast iron pipe is not less than 12cm and the inner diameter is not less than 11cm. In western countries, flue design is generally available. Therefore, the western countries also generally use the real fire fireplace. But the electric fireplace installation is simple, matches the fireplace mantel by the domestic does not have the flue design house type to use. After all, the domestic ordinary urban houses are limited to the housing structure, and the heating mode is central heating. The fireplace has many decorative elements, so it has little practical value.

The real fire fireplace is mainly used in villas in China, but there are few examples of excellent design and construction, which limits the heating value of fireplace. Some fireplaces have integrated ovens, which are used for baking bread, pizza or barbecue, with a special flavor. In recent years, many domestic decoration has installed fireplaces, but it is rare to give full play to the efficient heating function of European fireplaces.

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  • We mainly produce and export  cast iron wood burning stoves, steel stoves, cast  iron cookware, BBQ, cast iron pumps etc.

    We can supply OEM service, we keep  secrets for the customer’s design and commercial secret strictly.(We don’t retail  products to the user directly.)

    We have mature production and service experience.Our foundry was founded in 2001, it started to produce the England style cast  iron fireplace mantel that time, because of strict quality control, our products are  good sales, for now, our foundry have two banch factories, more than 100 workers.

    We started to produce the cast iron clean burning stoves since 2009. All of our stoves meet with CE: EN13240:2001+A2:2004, our stoves tested by the Europe notified body, and some of our stoves have been approved DEFRA.

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