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Material: Alumiunm AlloyAnodization processBlades Color: Black/silver/gold/rose red/iron grey/nickelMeas: LxH: 135*103*197mm N.W.:0.63 kg G.W.:0.86kg

The fan base and blade are made from aluminium, unique anodized blades which are not rust or corrosion on this wood stove fan have been designed to deliver a very broad thermal current.The stove  fan generates its own electricity through the difference in temperature.The strip of metal in the base of the fan is a Bimetallic strip designed to raise the edge of the fan slightly as the maximum operating temperature is approached.

Operating above the recommended temperature of 350degrees may damage the fan and the electricity generating units and invalidate your warranty.  Keep fan away from small children when in use.


Be sure to position the stove fan on a smooth flat surface of your stovetop near the side or back  of the stove.The hotter the stove is, the more air the fan circulates.

The stove fan is designed for usage on freestanding stoves with a normal surface temperature of between 80 degrees and 350degrees Celsius. Remove the fan from the stove if the temperature exceeds 350ºC.

Never handle the base of the stove fan, do not set the stove fan down on an unprotected surface when hot. To move or carry the fan, always use the extendable handle.

Good stove safety practice includes the use of a stove thermometer.

The fan products are not good. It mainly depends on the motor inside. If the motor is easy to damage, it is not convenient to buy or repair it again, and the cost is equivalent to buying another one. Our motors are all * * * * copper wires, and are copper wires with high temperature resistance. They are not ordinary copper wires. The 180 degree high temperature resistant copper round wires are used to make the motor more difficult to damage. Spray plastic powder spray. All materials in the motor are all of high-grade fire and high temperature resistant materials. Especially, 180 degree high temperature resistant copper clad round wire, high temperature lead out line, high temperature sleeve and class F insulation binding wire are used (when binding, double sleeve is used for welding part (only one layer of common sleeve pipe of general company), insulating paper and cold rolled steel sheet are used.

Our fans are made of * * materials. All casings are thickened. Ordinary fans are generally of general thickness. Our motor insulation level is all F and h. ordinary fans are only grade e and class B! Our F-class motor can be used for a long time in the environment below 120 ℃ and can be used for a long time under class H 150.

In electrical equipment such as generator, insulation material is a weak link. Insulation materials are especially susceptible to high temperature and accelerate aging and damage. Different insulation materials have different heat resistance, and the electrical equipment with different insulation materials has different ability to withstand high temperature. Therefore, the general electrical equipment is required to work at the highest temperature.

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  • We mainly produce and export  cast iron wood burning stoves, steel stoves, cast  iron cookware, BBQ, cast iron pumps etc.

    We can supply OEM service, we keep  secrets for the customer’s design and commercial secret strictly.(We don’t retail  products to the user directly.)

    We have mature production and service experience.Our foundry was founded in 2001, it started to produce the England style cast  iron fireplace mantel that time, because of strict quality control, our products are  good sales, for now, our foundry have two banch factories, more than 100 workers.

    We started to produce the cast iron clean burning stoves since 2009. All of our stoves meet with CE: EN13240:2001+A2:2004, our stoves tested by the Europe notified body, and some of our stoves have been approved DEFRA.

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